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Well done Lana!

Last night the B team headed off to play Downend & Fishpond F. On top board Santosh outplayed his opponent with some very nice chess and was never in trouble until the very end when he allowed his opponent back into the game. Unfortunately chess can be a cruel game and it only takes one mis-step for everything to go pear-shaped - and unluckily for Santosh that proved to be the case.

On boards 5 and 6 Al and Alice were playing their first games for the club and both played good solid chess for a full three hours. I haven't seen the games, but although both were lost, I understand that there is a lot more to come from them. Ibrahim on board 4 managed to gain a winning position but let it slip.

The highlight of the match, however, was Lana's win on board 2 - again, I haven't seen the game or heard anything about it but I can only imagine that it was a masterpiece! Well done Lana!

So in the end we lost the match 5-1 but the end result could have been much closer. Once our players get a bit more match experience under their belts the results will improve dramatically.

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