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Girls Chess!

Did you know that Portishead Chess Club has FOUR women Chess Tutors?


Or that our President, Jane Norton, was the South Gloucestershire Girl's Chess Champion?

Chess at all levels is dominated by men and boys. So much so that it can put girls off from an early age. Our aim at Portishead Chess Club is to create a friendly environment where girls of all ages can come together alongside other girls to play, learn and enjoy all the benefits that chess has to offer.


To this end we plan to:

  • provide tuition, led by female tutors, to girls who want to learn how to play

  • provide coaching in all-girl groups for those that want to improve their chess

  • provide opportunities for girls to just play for fun with other girls

  • put on all-girl tournaments

  • put on simultaneous displays by top women players

  • invite the top women players in the country to share their stories

  • do anything else we can think of to promote chess to girls

Of course, in addition the girls can also take advantage of everything else the club has to offer.

Are you interested? Maybe you know of some girls who would might benefit? Maybe you have some ideas of your own? Maybe you'd like to get involved?

The more interest we get, the more we can do - so please register your interest (no commitment) below!

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