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Our First Club Rapidplay! 16th February - put it in your diary!

As you know, we like to keep trying different things! So on 16th February we plan to run a friendly 5 round Rapidplay tournament at the club. We hope that most club members will play as this is an excellent way to to meet with other club members who, perhaps, you don't often play with.

It will run from 7.00-9.30 and pairing will be done on the Swiss Sytem, where (as far as is possible) each round you play against someone on the same score as yourself - so you quickly find your level.

You will have ten minutes on the clock. If you have never played with a clock why not try it out over the next couple of weeks, just to get used to it?

Give it a go - it's just for fun!

Andrew's regular 7.00 pm talk will be postponed.

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