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Junior Clock Simultaneous on Friday!

Its only 10 days until the 1st Portishead Junior Rapidplay! For many of our juniors it will be their first rated tournament. With 55 players already signed up it is now closed to non-PCC members but we have reserved some places for any of our own juniors that have yet to sign up.

In preparation, tomorrow (6pm Redcliffe Bay Hall) any interested juniors are invited to play in a "Clock Simul" with 15 mins + 15 secs/move - the same time limit as the tournament. This is partly to help players see how much time they will have and also to provide some advice and guidance on tournament play.

Your opponent wil be Iain who will have the White pieces and he will play 1.d4 - in case you want to prepare a nasty surprise for him!

You will also be asked to record your game (you won't have to in the tournament itself) so that the games can be reviewed.

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