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Club Championship - the Final Eight!

Who needs the European Cup when we have the Club Championship now entering the Quarter-Final stage? It’s going to very closely contested with all the players in with a very good chance. Draw to be made by drawing names out of a hat on Friday June 21st - that’s this Friday. The excitement is almost unbearable!

Eight highest scores achieved in either the May or June Rapidplays : 

Dan Chandra 5,    Andrew Borkowski 4.5,   Oliver Hammond 4,   Edward Ames 3.5,   Curtis  James-Britton 3.5,                SJ Quigley 3,    Santosh Murali 3,    Lana Crowe 3.

Format for the Quarter Finals :

Each pair to play two games in an evening at the club with alternate colours, at a rate of 30 minutes each on the clock.  If the score is tied 1-1, the players to play two games on a subsequent evening with alternate colours, at a rate of 20 minutes on the clock.  If the score is tied 1-1, a final game to be played on the same evening, the players tossing for choice of colour, at a time rate of 15 minutes for White, 12 minutes for Black, with Black going through to the semis if the game is drawn.  This format prevents an endless series of tied matches.  No increments and no requirement to record moves in any game.

Games to be played on June 28 or July 5th if possible.

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