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A Message from our Captain!

Andrew is the Godfather of Portishead Chess. He does not boast or brag, so let us take a while to hear about him!

'It was recently suggested by Jane Norton and endorsed by Iain Bourne 

that I should be the Club Captain.  I was happy to say yes because I 

have got to know many of you a little and because I know what an 

exciting and  thriving club it  has become, with a vibrant junior 

section, and where it is a great pleasure to be a member. I have been 

captain of several chess clubs since I started playing in the Bristol 

League in the late 1960s and can say that I have never experienced  such 

a  go-ahead and fizzy club like Portishead.  So thank you all for making 

this possible but particularly Jane, Zak and Iain for their enthusiasm 

and efforts.

By now most of you will know a little about me but I wanted to add a 

little personal detail.  My parents settled in Britain in 1946 after 

serving in the Polish and British armies in WW2.  I was introduced to 

chess by my father when I was about 9 and was soon playing in junior 

tournaments.  I reached my highest level in the early 1980s when I won 

the Somerset County Championship and became County Captain. That was 

over 40 years ago but  I would like to think that I am still able to 

play at a reasonably high level.  As you may have noticed, I enjoy 

coaching both on an individual and group basis.  Some 20 years ago I 

coached the Highdown Primary School team when they played  -  quite 

successfully  -  in the English Primary Schools champoinships.

I spent over 40 years teaching Law at Bristol University and wrote two 

undergraduate textbooks, one on Roman Law, the other on Succession 

(wills etc).  I retired as Reader in Law in 2007.  My wife, Margaret, 

and I have lived in Portished since 1976. Margaret does not play chess 

but is very supportive in my engagement with the club and continues to 

be bowled over when she hears about the latest initiative by Jane!

In case I do not see you before we have a festive break, I would like to 

send season's greetings to everyone and remind you to keep playing and 

studying the game.  😂😉

Andrew Borkowski

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