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What's on this Week?

On Monday night we have another double header with boith our A and B teams in action at home:

Portishead A vs South Bristol C

Portishead B vs Yate & Sodbury B

The A team need to win to maintain their quest to top the division while the B team are up against one of our main rivals. It should be a fascinating night of chess.

On Friday the club meets as usual at 6.00pm for the juniors and 7.00pm for everyone.

Andrew will also be continuing his excellent series of presentations covering the best chess players, past and present. This week he will be covering the life and games of Vera Menchik - who was not only the first woman to compete successfully in top men's competitions but has more recently been dubbed "The Real Beth Harmon" - the female grandmaster in the netflix series "The Queen's Gambit." Don't miss it, 7.00pm this Friday.

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