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Portishead A Team go to Clifton!

Updated: Feb 16

At the moment I don't have much information on the match but I understand that Andrew and Dan won on the top boards but Bristol and Clifton came back on boards 3 and 4 to draw the match. I have, however seen Dan's game and it is a really smooth positional win. He responded to 1.e4 with a Caro Kann (1...c6). Both sides played well, developing efficiently and establishing solid positions. Out of the opening white may have been microscopically better as he had "the two bishops" but Dan had managed to get rid of his bad bishop. Then white weakened his pawn structure slightly with c4 (leaving his with a blockaded and isolated d-pawn) followed by a commital f4 lunge. Dan's moves were just slightly better than his opponent's who came under increasing pressure. Dan took control of the c-file and inflitrated on c2 controlling the seventh rank. - the pressure was too much and white resigned in a hopeless position. Great play by Dan.

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