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Portishead A Climb to the Top!

Two matches were held simultaneously last night featuring no fewer than thirteen of our own players! Especially pleasing was the participation of SEVEN players - Lana, Brad, Oliver, Jack T, Matilda, Andy and Bev - for whom it was there very first match for the club!

Andrew always bears the brunt for the A team and secured a valuable draw on Board One. Tim, who has been getting some great results for the club, continued his winning ways after his opponent allowed Nf6+ forling his opponent's King and Queen. On Board Three, Dan continues to play stylish positional chess and watch as his opponents flounder. I haven't seen Santosh's game but I believe it was another marathon - and as usual he tends to win these. Lana playing his first game for the club ended up in a Closed Sicilian in which, although there was ebb and flow, the game remained pretty much balanced all he way through - one of the few games in which a serious mistake did not determine the result. A well-played draw. Oliver also was playing his first club match. He obtained a good position from the opening and then broke in the centre a little too early and dropped a pawn. Rather than sit back he then tried to stir up some complications with f5!? which paid off after his opponent shuffled about with his King. Oliver then found the very nice pseudo-sacrifice Nf3+! which had to be declined. The outcome was that Oliver regained his pawn but more importantly controlled the e-file and the game. 5-2 to Portishead A against Downend and Fishponds! We remain unbeaten and equal top of the division!

The B Team hosted Bristol & Clifton over six boards with four of our players competing for the first time. On top board we had Curtis playing the black side of what, by transposition, became an Alapin Sicilian. Both players played well, jockeying about to find an advantage, but mostly it was a very closely fought battle. Unfortunately owing to an error n the scoresheet, I haven't had a chance to play through the rest of the game, but I am informed that Curtis won with a neat mating finish. The other games didn't go our way but these are very early days and the experience will be invaluable. When I get a chance I'll have a good look at the games. In the end it was 1-5 to Bristol and Clifton, so well done to them!

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