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February Club Nights! See what's happening!

Here are a few "special events" for you to enjoy:

2nd February: Andrew won't be able to deliver his regular presentation of "The Life & Games of the World Champions" - so there will be plenty of time for chess and chat!

For the Juniors (Adults are welcome to take part!) starting at 6.00 we will try out a new fun event "Guess that Move!" You will be in a "team" of maybe 3 or 4. Iain will take you through a game and at critical points your team will have to "Guess the Move!" Each move you guess will be given a certain number of points and there may be bonus points. At the end, the team with the most points wins - and gets a free Squiggle Pen (don't get too excited!)

9th February: Andrew's excellent series of talks resume with coverage of the Life and Games of Boris Spassky. Otherwise it's a club night as usual.

16th February: It's our first Club Rapidplay Tournament, 7.00-9.30pm. All welcome, everything explained and just for fun. See my earlier post!

23rd February: Not to be missed - Andrew presents the Life and Games of Bobby Fischer - quite likely the most remarkable World Champion ever!

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