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Drama in Clifton match

In our last match we were unlucky to go down 1-3 against a strong Clifton E side. This time, in our new match day venue, we were up against Clifton C. After Xmas we may be entering a Junior team in the league so in addition to SJ and Edward, who have already represented the club, Curtis and Jack A had their league debuts. On top board Andrew played a very fine Budapest Gambit against an opponent who turned out to be an afficionado of that very defence. A close and tense struggle ensued with neither side able to build an advantage and a draw was eventually agreed. Dan, playing in his usual smooth and logical style, dominated the centre and won a pawn which he efficiently converted into a win in the endgame. Curtis had a helter-skelter game, showng good tactical awareness mixed with lapses of concentration. He gained a winning position on a couple of occasions but relaxed too soon and let them slip. Then, just as it looked like the position was heading for a draw, his opponent overlooked a skewer, allowing Curtis to win his queen and the game. The greatest drama, however, happened in Tim's game. After falling for a tactic in the early middlegame Tim looked completely lost. His opponent played carefully over the next 30 moves taking no risks at all and offering Tim not even a glimmer of hope - but Tim dug in. Then, with multiple ways to win safely, he took a massive risk giving up his extra piece and kingside pawns in order to Queen his a-pawn ... but it was a miscalculation as Tim's f-pawn queened the move after! Then faced with losing his remaining pawn and assuming that Tim would queen his last pawn - he resigned in a totally drawn position!

Over the top four match board we won 2.5-1.5 and drew 3.5-3.5 over the full seven boards. Sometimes luck balances itself out!

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Thanks Iain. Excellent comments on our last match and most helpful reminder of the danger of having undefended loose pieces. Andrew

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