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Portishead Junior Rapidplay - Under 11 and under 9 Report

While the Under 18 section of the 2nd Portishead Junior Rapidplay was the largest, the real stars of the future were in the Under 11 and Under 9 Sections.

In the Under 9 Section Portishead was reprsesented by the ever improving Jacob Lewis (561) who scored a fine 3/6 and a tournament rating of 844 - and was one of the youngest players in the tournament! South Bristol's Siemon Beketov is clearly one to watch as he scored a perfect 6/6. It was incredible to see all the players, given their age, showing such concentration and good grace even in defeat.

The Under 11 Section was very keenly contested and in the end resulted in a tie on 5/6 points for Adam Mussa of Bristol and Clifton and Adam Sarwar from Wales. Constantine Popov (Wales) also deserves a mention as he more than held his own against the top players and was unforunate in both his games against the eventual winners. He ended, none-the-less, with a very impressive 3.5/6 even though he could have played in the Under-9 Section. Elliot Lomas (3/6) and Leo Dickens (1/6) - both Portishead - were playing in their first rated tournament and should be very proud of themselves!

Well that's it for now, but plans are already afoot for another tournament in the Autumn!

Jacob scores 3/6 in the under 11s
Portishead Junior Rapidplay

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