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Portishead Club Rapidplay this Friday!

Everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, you will be made to feel welcome and everything will be explained. These monthly events are mostly about getting everyone in the club closer.

There are 5 rounds. No-one gets knocked out. After each game you play another player on the same score - this is called the Swiss System and ensures that you will quickly paired against players at a similar level.

We play with clocks, but this will be explained also and you will no be penalised if you make a mistake. In each game you will have 10 minutes to play all your moves, so will your opponent- so each game can last a maximum of 20 minutes - most are over way before that, so don’t rush your moves! You are much, much more likely to lose by playing too fast than too slow.

There is no cost or entry form. Just turn up and present yourself before 7.00pm on Friday. Juniors are welcome so long as they are able to stay up until 9-9.30pm. There will be a very small prize for the winner and maybe a couple of others.

Your Tournament Director will be Dan Chandra.

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